Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ghent Festival

During our "stay at home" weekend we went to the Ghent Summer Festival about an hour drive from Brussels. It seemed like a fun, festive thing to do. And the weather beckoned us outdoors. Back when we visited Ghent in February we promised ourselves we would return to this trendy city in the warmth to dine in the streets and peruse the picturesque canals. And indeed it was even more fun with festival energy and warmer temperature!!!We had to laugh at this menu! Where else would you see burgers and dogs along with escargots on a carnival menu!?!Connor was entranced with the young gymnasts. They turned some pretty fancy tricks standing and cartwheeling all over.I thought this bird made out of spoons was very cool.Ghent is sometimes compared with Bruges and it is easy to see why with the beautiful canals lacing the streets together.It was a LARGE city-wide festival. Every street was filled to the gills with vendors and activity. There were more rides there than I think at our NC State Fair even. We didn't ride anything, but had fun watching everyone else.As we were leaving we came across this netted trampoline. Kirk looked at me and we decided to let Connor at least try to jump out some of her energy.We put her on the trampoline. But she never quite got the hang of it. She kept hopping right back over to her Dad to make eyes at him. I don't blame her! He is pretty handsome!!!Click here for full album photos of the Ghent Festival as well as some recent random shots

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