Saturday, February 21, 2009

Down the Road to Ghent

This morning we traveled down the road to the town of Ghent. Ghent is on the way to Brugge and is comparable with canals and enchanting architecture - just not as much of an established tourist hot spot. Ghent was a vital city in the cloth trade way back when and the place is saturated with history and lore of times of castles and Counts.

We popped in all the old churches and Connor again looked for "Baby Jesus!" in each one. We stayed just a few hours, but we all really liked Ghent. Like Leuven and many of the other Flemish cities we have visited - it seems like a town that will really come alive in the warmer weather. There are welcoming and trendy restaurants and canal cruises all over.

Click here for Ghent (full album)

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