Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ode to Oscar

We had really fallen out of rhythm of seeing movies while living in Atlanta. The theatres were not close to our house and the company of good friends and a happening neighborhood (hooray Oakhurst!) meant there was always something better to do, trumping a night at the movies.

But the temptation of having a theatre 3 blocks away in Brussels and my new stay-at-home-mom status means the movies make a perfect escape for me. Kirk has generously stayed with Connor several nights to let me indulge several shows. And it has been a great year for movies!

I had never been to the movies by myself until coming to Brussels. It always seemed pretty lonely to go dateless. But it is not true! There is something about nestling in amidst strangers (especially strangers speaking a foreign tongue) that is peaceful and calming. Plus the theatre around the corner is also a historic building. It originally seated nearly 3,000 and opened in 1933. Check out the main auditorium of the last movie I saw. Isn't it breathtaking? Kinda reminded me of The Fox Theatre in Atlanta. The golden hue was warm and wonderful.

The differences about movie-going here versus in the States are not too many. First-run American movies run as "Version Original" meaning in English. The previews however are often in French for European movies. The only strange difference is that Belgians tend to not have as much awareness about personal space. They don't really abide by that unspoken "leave a seat between you and your neighbor" rule. And when the film is over they don't make quick moves to gather stuff and leave. I end up waiting til the credits finish and lights come on before I can skirt past my neighbors to leave. Oh! And you have to pay 35 Euro cents to use the bathrooms here. I will never get used to paying to go to the potty!

After my solo movie nights I skip back home in the cold night air and come back renewed and alive - ready to resume role of mother and wife. And usually with tears still in my eyes from the show. I am a complete sap and always cry at movies.

Recently I went to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" starring Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt. I usually don't swoon too much for movie stars, but Brad is quite debonair in this film. And the plot is one of the more unusual I have ever seen. It is a terrific love story with a twist. Plus the leading lady is a stunning redhead, which is always a plus.

I also saw "Bride Wars" - predictable plot and the paper here only gave it a measly one know that going in if you see it. But honestly, I loved it. The tale of friendship among women made me long for my wonderful girlfriends back home.

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