Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wildcats and Sunday School

I know I am posting a lot this month, but I am just having so much fun with our family and our travels and am anxious to share and document. So hopefully you are having fun with us too - and not sick of us already! I am taking the tactic of trying to take more bite-size pieces with my posts rather than to overload too much in one entry. But as any proud parent, we think everything is super cute so the filter is very difficult.
Last night we all cheered on the Davidson Wildcats in their nationally televised game against Butler. Unfortunately Stephen Curry and the team played hard but didn't win this one. But it wasn't for lack of us cheering! We still have our fingers crossed for another Cinderella March Madness run - we'll see!

And this morning our family served as greeters for our church service at the International Protestant Church. I snapped some photos before we left and they were just too sweet not to share right away.
When I look at Connor all dressed up I think immediately of all the donors of the outfit - she is literally dressed in their love. The dress was Aly Yamamoto's, the shoes mom got us when they were way too big (kids feet grow fast!), the tights were Rose Mary's, even the diaper came from Carol stuffing some American Pampers in her suitcase. Thank you for making Connor look so pretty!Click here for Wildcats and Sunday School (full album)

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