Monday, February 23, 2009

Rain, Costume, and Lace

It was a rainy, stay-inside Monday. Mondays are always the most difficult days to get out and about. Kirk is back to work and for some reason it is always cold and raining. Yuck. A hard way to come down after fun, full weekends together.

So this morning we stayed in our PJs and played in our apartment. We read lots of books and Connor found some new favorites. She was talking about Sam's Cookie and Sam's Ball ALL DAY long. She couldn't go 15 minutes without another reading of Sam. Connor especially loved the page where "Sam cries"??? I don't know why, but she puts on a very empathetic squished up face at this page. Dudley sent these books to us - she is a world-class children's librarian so no wonder she always knows best.
We also built "houses" with the foam letters. These foam connectible sheets are wonderful. Everyday we use them around the perimeter of the couch because I am phobic of Connor bouncing off the couch and falling on her head on the hardwoods. They are fun and colorful and provide a tiny cushion if Connor were to bump her head. But today they served as fun forts. Connor thought it was wonderful. There were several versions of our "house" and it was the most I have ever seen Connor sit still. She played in the "houses" with play dough and dolls and toys for a while.
Finally, after naptime we were getting pretty stir crazy and despite the rain I was determined to get out. In looking through our Brussels tour books I saw there was a Museum of Costume and Lace not far from our home. So I grabbed an umbrella, covered Connor's stroller in plastic and off we went with a map to find the place. I walked around in circles for a while (in the rain!). Brussels has the craziest twisty streets with very few street signs so finding the simplest spot can be pretty complex! Finally I found the elusive Musee and in we trudged wet and but victorious in our location challenge.

The museum was gorgeous and definitely my kind of place. The only challenge was - like so many places here - no strollers allowed. This despite huge aisles and an elevator to upper floors. That is crazy! Anyone would agree that a stroller is better than a wild toddler running around the antique garments. But I clutched Connor's hand and we went through the museum on foot "practicing the colors" of all the beautiful gowns.The museum reminded me of the Princess Di Dress exhibit I saw the summer I lived in DC or the Jackie Kennedy Dress exhibit we went to during my Bachelorette Weekend. Very girly and the variety and detail of the dress styles were stunning. So fun to take it all in - even if I did have to hold my breath the whole time that Connor stayed on her best behavoir!

The lace was also an extra special treat. Have you ever seen the way lace is made?!? It is woven with countless bobbins in complicated patterns. My eyes squinted and hurt just thinking about the practice.

There were beautiful full lace and antique satin wedding gowns on display. I wish they allowed photography so I could share those with you, but no cameras.

Finally tonight I took this photo for you at dinnertime.
I always try to serve something Connor likes (mac & cheese) and slide in some type of veggie. Tonight it was tomato. It is unbelievable how Connor knows how to eat completely around the nutritious component. Tonight she managed to pick out every last pasta piece. Just look at that face when I encourage the tomato. Oh well. Will keep trying!

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