Saturday, August 8, 2009

Orangerie Museum in Paris

When we were in Paris for the Tour de France we were able to squeeze in a little art appreciation at the same time. We visited The Orangerie art museum located in the Tuillerie Gardens. It had been on my must see list. It is a relatively new museum (I think) and I was desperate to see Monet's Water Lilly paintings...especially after visiting Giverny in May.Connor on the other hand seemed more intent on and interested in making faces at the other museum patrons! Why oh why do they insist on taking strollers away in museums?!? Don't "they" understand how much more difficult this makes it for everyone?!?! Guess not.
The paintings were out of this world. The exhibit had them curving around the oval-shaped galleries. The movement and texture of the canvases were perfectly embodied. I had no idea how LARGE the water lily paintings were.I loved how when you get close the "impressionism" comes even more alive. Only a genius like Monet could do something like that.......and it come out looking like this!As Monet's water lily series went on his paintings got more and more dark. This is one of the later works.We did hold Connor down some and try to get her to concentrate and "become one" with the art all around.But she was much more interested in playing with my hat and giggling at all the visitors.Oh my dear. What are we going to do with you?!?! Hopefully all of this culture sticks with you at least a little bit.Because we are oh so very lucky and blessed to be here experiencing it all.Beside the brilliance of Claude Monet.Come on Daddy, let's go see the "Men on Bikes!!!"The Orangerie Museum has many other art treasures in the downstairs galleries too.They weren't housed in quite the same splendor as the Water Lilies, but gorgeous nonetheless.Renoir, Cezanne, Gauguin, Picasso, Seurat --- a regular VIP list of artists.The Orangerie Museum was a little pricey and prickly when forking over the 9 euros apiece to get in. But you can get a combined same day ticket with the Musee d'Orsay to lessen the blow (13 euros total). And it is totally worth it for the priceless experience inside. Even with a wiggly, busy, strollerless 2 year old...totally worth it!

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