Monday, August 10, 2009

Brussels Beach - Bruxelles les Bains

We went to the Brussels Beach earlier this week! Here it is called in French, Bruxelles les Bains. It is modeled after the Paris Beach - a similar summer setup. Beside the Brussels canal they have literally created a beach with tons and tons of sand and water play. We walked down to check it out. And found this....I really have no idea what was up with the chair sculpture. It doesn't fit the beach theme very much, but still fascintating!Connor thought the beach was pretty cool. She loved the sand and especially the "music." There were musicians that lined the manmade coast. I must say that the beach's main focus was drinking for the adults, but it wasn't overwhelming. I think Europe handles drinking events better than in the USA. It was pretty laid back and welcoming.I forgot to put Connor in her swimsuit so we just watched the other kids frolic in the water play. It doesn't show in this photo, but I felt very European with so many little girls jumping around with just the ruffled bathingsuit bottoms - no need for their tops.I also felt European with this guy walking right through the main drag with a bag full of baguettes.The beach was fun. There was beach volleyball, mini golf, several concert stages and more sand than you can shake a stick at. I found it all pretty clever. Certainly it was pretty crowded and a very diverse population of people, but the beach was pumping with melody and the sounds of summer.

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