Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Musical Play Date

French music class breaks for summer. So we have missed our sweet "Music Class Friends" - Archie, Max, and Sebastian. All four children are within weeks of each other in age. When Ciara invited us to her house to get together we were so excited to see each other - Connor couldn't wait to see the boys and I was really happy to see these wonderful women, my very first friends in Brussels!Ciara has a "real" house near Waterloo. It has a huge green backyard and best of all - a large sandbox. The kids jumped right in and played together in the sand.Two of the three Mom friends have delivered second babies in the past few weeks. Welcome to the world Baby Jack and Baby Louis!!!! Harriet, the third friend, is due any day now with her second. Baby fever! These little guys just slept while we played. It won't be too long though til they are singing together at La Chaise Musicale too!It felt fantastic to take off our shoes and run in the green grass. Sebastian was hilarious in his diaper and "wellies"!!!These three British moms are dear friends. They are all gorgeous and are juggling mothering now TWO with class and grace. It was perfect midsummer tea in Ciara's backyard. We could have stayed all night talking and laughing!

PS - As this post published Harriet had her baby - another boy! Six boys for Connor to love on. WOW! Congrats and welcome baby Stan!!!

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