Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Not Green Muh-Muh, But....

It is not Green Muh-Muh, but it is pretty darn close. If you have been following the Green Muh-Muh drama then you know we lost a special blankie. It still hurts to talk/type about. Leave it to my mom though. I think she can find or do anything. She went on a hunt for a replacement Muh-Muh and found this Pink Muh-Muh...or as Connor calls it now "Pink Blankie." We let Connor open the package with Mom watching on Skype. Connor literally squealed with glee. Very cute.

Pink Blankie has the soft bumps just like "Green Muh-Muh" did and the soft satin lining. I still can't believe Mom tracked it down. "Green Muh-Muh" came from Steinmart and you know how those knock-off department stores are. They usually don't have a consistent stock, especially 2 years later. But she found it and sent it over to us. Granted I think the postage for it cost just as much as the blanket itself!

The only challenge with Pink Blankie is the larger size. It is too big as compared with Green Muh-Muh's small square, holdable shape. Connor trips over Pink Blankie when walking. So my dear friend, Dallas, has a sophisticated sewing machine and the talent to go along with it so she has Pink Blankie right now and is working on cutting it into pieces. That way it will be smaller for Connor PLUS we will have a back up should the unthinkable happen again! Mom, you are wonderful. Thanks for caring so much and understanding security blanket drama. I love you.

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Ali Meyer said...

You're little girl is so cute! I suppose I'll have to figure out a blanket for my baby girl eventually! I'm due mid-July, so I have some time.