Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Clean Up

I am so excited about a weekend where we spend each night at home. I am ready to scour this place. Because there is no central air or heat the dust bunnies accumulate so quickly. It is hard to be motivated because as soon as I clean the dust comes right back. Plus the "Connor crumbs" are everywhere - Cheerios, play dough specs, and stray pasta pieces. Yuck. I like having a tiny apartment because there is not as much to clean - but it does mean you notice it all a lot more.

So Saturday morning as soon as Connor wakes up, the vacuum will be out and it will be the kind of cleaning where furniture is moved to get in to the nooks and crannies. It usually takes both of us being at home to accomplish this type of deep clean. Kirk will entertain Connor in order to leave me alone to my chore - otherwise she will be underfoot all the time. I am almost through all of the laundry from our Poland trip and there are clean sheets on our bed. Who knows maybe I will be on a roll and even scrub our bathtub and magic eraser the stroller smudges on the walls? Doesn't it sound like a glamorous weekend in Europe?!?! TGIF!

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