Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jen gets married!

There are many amazing parts of living abroad, but probably the crummiest part is that you have to miss out on so much back in the USA. We are the type of "be there" people that we will move mountains to attend events and be there for our friends - or at least we like to think we are. And something about a wedding. It is the very best event to celebrate with friends! So it breaks my heart to miss out on great milestones like this one.

My dear friend, Jen, married David - her best friend from college - on February 28 in Chapel Hill. It was a small, intimate wedding. The happiness of being together jumps off the photos she sent me, don't you think? They are a great couple. Destined. They started dating last summer and within months were engaged and now married and setting up a new life in Charlotte, NC. But if you are already best friends then it doesn't take long to know when it is right.Here is the thing. Jen has during the course of their engagement been diagnosed with a brain tumor. It is benign, thankfully, but they are pretty sure it will require surgery to alleviate some pretty debilitating symptoms she is experiencing. And there are still many unknowns. Talk about putting the "in sickness and in health" vows to the test right away. David seems a loving, devoted mate. I am so happy for them and their newlywed glee. Surely that will carry them through this medical hurdle and sail them into the rest of their life together.

Jen, I am so sorry I missed your wedding. If only the Atlantic Ocean wasn't so big! Look forward to celebrating with you soon. The same goes to Brian and Micah and Emily and to all of the new babies births we are missing. I hope you can feel our love across the miles. I had fun this morning buying 6 wedding/baby gifts. Thank goodness for online registry shopping!

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