Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blenheim and Warwick

We dotted the Cotswolds this day - breathing in all the cute little towns while heading to the grand, extravagant castles. We bought Great British Heritage passes for our time in the UK so that meant the more we saw the more we "saved" --- a dangerous mantra. Means you try to cram in as much as you can. Hence our do-it-all, see-it-all pace!Blenheim Castle was beautiful. I thought it was the right balance of fancy interior, take your breath way exterior, and va-va-voom grounds.Together we happened upon the "Secret Garden" and Connor danced and twirled amidst the daffodils and giant trees.We then got our wiggles out at the enormous playground at Blenheim's "Pleasure Gardens". They were having an Easter scavenger hunt. Of course Connor could have cared less - she just wanted to swing and slide. But by golly I was determined to collect the clues. So off I went to conquer the challenge while Kirk and Connor played......and somehow I ended up inside this. This hedge maze may look doable from the arial shots, but I was lost in there for an hour. My cell phone died while I was inside so it was exceptionally challenging to communicate with my family and master the maze. I have never been so happy to be "out" on the other end! Because there is only one way in and one way out. Never fear though, we got the coveted prize - a chocolate Easter bunny.We also checked out the Butterfly Garden at Blenheim Palace! There were butterflies everywhere and all around. Beautiful, tickle-y, creepy, magical.
Can you spot them flying all around?!? Connor wasn't exactly sure about them until after we left. Then she couldn't stop talking about the fluttering friends.The second major castle this day was Warwick Castle. Which is really more of a medieval amusement park than a genuine historical site. There were princesses, knights, and even a 'Birds of Prey' show.
LOOK OUT! Eagle coming in for a landing!
Warwick Castle was a little gimicky, but the town was charming and real.Click here for full album of Cornwall and the Cotswolds (Part 1)

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