Friday, June 4, 2010

Easter in the Cotswolds

Easter morning came and we were all thrilled the Easter bunny found Connor all the way in the British Cotswolds! We rejoiced in the resurrection of our Savior and sang "Jesus Christ Has Risen Today --- AAAAAA-le-lu-u-jah!; Thy triumphant, holy day --- AAAAAA-le-lu-u-jah" off and on all day.Connor just couldn't get over that the bunny really came while she was asleep in the hotel. She told everyone she came across for days all about it.
Ahem, England is Cadbury country. I think Kirk may have eaten all of these, but the bunny couldn't help bringing lots of the local specialty!
Easter morning was crisp and cool. Well, really it was cold. Connor braved a few outdoor morning pics without a coat to show off her Easter dress.The Old Bakehouse provided a full FULL English breakfast. My stomach wasn't cut out for these types of meals. But Kirk couldn't seem to get enough.
Aunt Mary made this adorable bunny dress a couple of years ago. We have kept it for just the right Easter where the fit was perfect. Check out the handmade smocking. Beautiful! Connor had a blast showing off all the bunnies on her pink dress to anyone and everyone.
Goodbye Chipping Camden! You are a precious lil town. I can't think of a better Easter spot - it is surely God's country.

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