Friday, May 28, 2010

Arriving in the Cotswolds

Ahhhh. The Cotswolds. We home-based in the adorable of Chipping Camden. As soon as we drove in I felt more relaxed. We stayed at "The Old Bakehouse" - what isn't adorable about that? Plus as an added bonus the sun was shining.The Bakehouse was a tried and true bed and breakfast. I found it especially touching they had a hairdryer and the Children's Britannica set on the hallway dresser.
We stayed in the 'family room' at the very top in the eaves of the roofline. Our room was the cherry on top in this whimsical little town.Kirk did have to "mind" his head though in the room!
There was a crackling fire in the common space. Very cozy, especially with "The Sound of Music" playing on the TV. Hard not to want to snuggle in and stay put. Yet Chipping Camden awaited...Window shopping on Easter weekend was bright and bold.We were in Sheep Country. There were fields of them all around. This painting was a perfect representation.Can't you picture Kirk sporting this look? Only the Brits!This window with the blown out panes were tons of fun.Even when the rains returned we were captivated.Check out the Cotswold names: Broadway, Stow-on-the-Wold, Shipston-on-Stour, even the familiar Stratford-upon-Avon. Naming towns with such rhythmic descriptions must help the world go round!In Chipping Camden we took a walk down the most famous part where we discovered these stunning and immaculate mansions. We strolled around with our jaws hanging open. It was the type of place where you can't help but to pick out your dreamhouse."Sheep Street" - gotta love it!

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Boca Chic said...

What a darling town, and your descriptions and pictures were so delightful. Definitely a MUST SEE on a trip to England. Lynn Smith