Saturday, May 8, 2010

Volcanoes and the Beach - Lanzarote

Determined to get up and close and personal in Lanzarote with the "Mountains of Fire" volcanoes, we headed to the Timanfaya National Park.The volcanic landscape was striking and surprisingly beautiful.Doesn't it look like we are in the middle of nowhere?!? What a surreal feeling.At the visitor center we transferred to a park bus for a 45 minute tour loop. The roads are extremely narrow and intense - so the bus is the only way to tour the dramatic landscape. Good thing too since cliffs and craters cover much of the area. Best to leave this driving to a pro! Connor paid more attention to the bus air conditioning vent than the views...she gets it from her many miles in the air. She is a big fan of playing with the "wind" and the lights on planes. The on/off buttons beckon little fingers!Kirk and I were absolutely captivated by the ride through Timanfaya National Park. We couldn't seem to press our faces and camera lens close enough to the windows. The scenery bore resemblance to Hawaii's Volcanoes National Park.The photo below is my favorite. You can see the bend in the road ahead of us. It was beautiful yet a desolate and eerie place.Check out this enormous crater. I was glad it was a dormant day! This monster looks like it can really blow its fury.Back at the Visitor's Center the show continued. A powerful steam geyser made us all jump!There was even a restaurant with a stove heated by the natural fire and lava below.An absolutely incredible natural wonder!We were ready for some beach action. We took the flat path from the park to the ocean.And wasted no time digging in making some much anticipated sandcastles.This shot is hilarious. Look closely and you can see both of us in Connor's sunglasses coaching out the smile!Life at the beach - I could get used to this!

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