Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Canary Island Landscape

Lanzarote was an island comprised of the most unusual landscape. Wet and dry, hot then cool, lush green mixed with dry crackling black. It reminded me in character to a Carribean island, yet with just enough Spanish flair and African pizzazz to make it unique and wonderful.My favorite part was all the vineyards growing right in the lava rock. Each vine is hugged by a circular crater wall built of carefully piled rocks. And there the grape vine takes root and grows. What precision and endurance to plant and nurture plants in this painstaking method.Lanzarote is made up of over 40 volcanos. (Little did we know how much a volcano would actually factor into the last part of this trip!)When we spotted this crater sinkhole on the side of the highway. Wow!The volcanic rock amidst the agriculture is downright startling!As we passed the National Park we looked up into the red volcanos and what is that we saw?!? Camels?!?!Yep. The camels were in Lanzarote. We didn't ride since we did that in Morocco, but we pulled up close to give the camels a hearty hello!Back in our GREEN car (what a color!) Connor munched her apple while we all gawked at the scenery and let the wind whip our hair. Oh what a feeling!This was our view ahead of us. The road looked like it was leading to the end of the Earth.But it was far from the end of the Earth! The road led to our hotel, the H10 Rubicon Palace on the Playa Blanca. Kirk signed us up for their "Club H10" - free to join - before we arrived. To our delight they upgraded us to an oceanfront suite simply because we were club members!We are not usually "all inclusive" type travelers, but since the goal was to relax and revel in the sun we decided to try it. Thus we headed straight to the ice cream chest after we checked in.The ice cream was a hit!And so was the pool!!!Yep, we had no trouble relaxing and enjoying all that Lanzarote had to offer us.

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Sara said...

That looks heavenly - especially after the 45 degree days we've been having here in Brussels! It is amazing to see how much Connor has grown up since you first started posting when you arrived in Brussels! Time surely flies by.