Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lagos in the Algarve

Lagos is a major beach town in the Algarve. I braced myself for hords of tourists and beach bums, but it was surprisingly quiet. Outside the parking lot this lady sold the most delicious strawberries. Actually fresh produce was charmingly sold all over the Algarve. The day before in Evora a lady wandered the city streets swinging a picnic basket in hand just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. The basket was brimming with bunches of asparagus and she called out "Asparagus for Sale" over and over again in several different languages. I was captivated by the sales tactic.
The store at the bottom of this green-tiled building is called "Obrigado" which translates to "Thank you" in Portuguese.We spotted these rocks made famous by nearly every postcard of the region. Of course we had to go and play.By some small miracle we had the cove all to ourselves. Kirk did some rock climbing, I basked in sun on one of the well-placed boulders, and Connor blew bubbles."What are you doing all the way up there, Daddy?!?"Lagos was lovely. It was a little windy for bathingsuits, but not far off. We still needed sunglasses and sunscreen - so that made it officially beach-able. The bold, vibrant streets were unique and helped make this my favorite part of the Algarve.

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