Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The End of the Earth, Algarve

For lunch we toodled over to the small town of Salema. I gasped when we got out of the car and saw these white homes perched high on the cliffs. Didn't even seem real!I had to do a double take!After building a few sandcastles in the sun we chilled at a seafood spot right on the shoreline. Connor brought a few handfulls of sand to the table. We drew pictures making finger outlines while waiting for our catch. It proved an effective distraction. We just had to be extra sure when our food came to clear it all away - so our food wouldn't be sandy.While Kirk wrapped things up paying for lunch Connor and I had to go back for just one more sandcastle before naptime!It was still a little chilly for ocean swimming but the spa at our hotel fit the bill. Kids were allowed in the pool 2 hours a day. We made the most of it.After swimming came biking. There was so much to do - it felt like a camp with the list of activities. We set out on a bike ride that turned into a dirt bike trail rather than a smooth, flat coast. Glad they had a helmet for Connor!They call this part of Sagres "the end of the Earth" since this is the southwesternmost tip of Europe. Think to the times of people thinking the world was flat...this would have been the end of the Earth to most.We returned to the Sagres point at Cape Vincent the next morning. We were on a hunt for the "Last Hog Dog Stand Before America" but alas it must have been closed for the season!As we drove back towards Lisbon I caught these puffy clouds in the sky. That pretty much sums up the weekend joy!

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