Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lisbon Revisited

Crossing back into Lisbon looked remarkably similar to crossing San Fran's Golden Gate Bridge!We left enough time before our return flight to Brussels to see some Lisbon sights we missed the first time around. Most notably the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian Art Museum. This museum houses an eclectic collection of ancient and modern art. Sunday turned out to be the free admission day (score!) and we thoroughly enjoyed wandering through history...quite the collection.
Connor spotted these Asian dog sculptures and wanted to be sure they had the chance to meet her dog "Nick" - How do you do? The next two photos are of my "favorites." These ivory carvings were as small as a hardback book, yet the Biblical stories intricate and lifelike. Something about the ivory expressed real emotion through the white material. I know that sounds crazy, but just trust me. If you look hard at the first one you can see a pregnant Virgin Mary right at the beginning and Jesus carrying his cross on the bottom left.I found another painting of Mary and Joseph taking Jesus to Egypt. I have been surprised at the frequency this event is painted in Europe. It is not an emphasized part of the Christmas story in my Presbyterian upbringing. But what an intimate and harrowing time for the new sacred family.This table reminded me of the chapels we saw in Padua the weekend before with the blue overlaid with gold stars.Kirk claimed this painting of Diana and her maids as his "favorite" - Couldn't really tell you why.Connor's "favorite" was this little boy blowing a bubble. This one makes sense. She is just learning to blow the bubbles all by herself now. If she could have she would have whipped her bubbles out too to blow right along with him.Mary Cassett painted this one. Took me right back to my college days where my roommate, Beth, studied her works.The jewelry section blew my mind. Can you tell in this ancient choker that each little crystal pane has a scene etched? It would be hard to take your eyes off the neck of the one who wears this masterpiece!We strolled around Lisbon until it was time to catch our flight. The signs of spring were everywhere. The city felt just the right mix of bohemian and fun. Click here for full album photos from our Algarve, Portugal trip

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