Monday, April 5, 2010

Algarve Hotel, Memmo Baleeira

We especially loved our hotel in Sagres, Portugal. It set the scene for a terrific vacation. I felt spoiled, pampered, and romanced - even with Connor there. If you are heading to the Algarve I highly recommend the Memmo Baleeira. Seems we liked it so much we came home with an album just on our hotel find.Our room felt like a haven in and of itself. Would you believe me if I told you the Memmo Baleeira was 65 euros per night for a seaview room including an enormous, well-stocked buffet breakfast?!? I ate too many of the pastel de natas (egg custards) - they were like Krispy Kremes the way they melted in your mouth but as soon as you were done you got a bellyache of goodness! The 65 euros also included 2 hour bike rental for all 3 of us. Amazing! The Memmo hotel at night provided views that I could only compare to jewelry...ruby red and warm corals.While not directly adjacent to a beach, the one down the road is not far away. And the lawn lounges make a nice alternative to getting all sandy. We spotted the Memmo Baleeira in this "Design Hotels Book" as winning awards for a recent successful renovation. Not having seen the before I am an impartial judge, but I agree it felt like a honeymoon hotel with the spa and air of carefree elegance.The pool photo in the coffee table book doesn't really do it justice. Here are some other shots I snapped of my favorite parts of the place...My only complaint was that the internet connection worked only in this sitting room as opposed to the individual guest rooms...The breakfast buffet was in a sunny room overlooking the ocean.It was at breakfast I noticed the uncanny resemblence of Connor's tights with her shoes!
We had a ball at the Memmo Baleeira and felt like we struck the jackpot with the price. Definitely made the Algarve seem that much more inviting and hospitable!

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