Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart

To finish our Germany jaunt we made an all important stop in Stuttgart to visit with Billie, former au pair to Granger's sister's family. We all miss her happy presence with my niece and nephew, but she is continuing her successful trajectory studying hotel management at home in Stuttgart. It was great to peek in on her European life. We met up with Billie at the newly-opened Mercedes Benz Museum next to the worldwide headquarters.The Benz museum lobby is imposing, as it should be. We rode capsule elevators up, up, up to the top and circled back down through exhibits of cars past, present and future!From inside the capsule elevator...Granger is ready for racing. Connor is ready to drive a bus! The classic design.It was a terrific albeit short stop to see Billie and the Mercedes. We hugged her goodbye, bought German Gummy Bears for the road, and nestled in for the long trip home. Kirk did a drive by of the Heidelberg Castle, as it was on the way and on our to-see list. Hard to truly appreciate in the dark but hey - you do what you can.
Guten Tag Germany! Goodbye Germany!

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