Thursday, March 11, 2010

Granger's London

I am going to attempt to capture our London time in one blog post. Fingers crossed.
You know how I love London. I just LOVE London. The vibe is one of a kind. I was convinced it was a place Granger absolutely could not miss on his European tour (and a good excuse for us to return). Connor, Granger, and I took the Eurostar train from Brussels to London and sweet Betty, my British mom, housed us. I marched Granger through London at lightning speed. He made me promise when I wrote my blog I would remind him of what we saw with the names. So, Granger, this is your recap!

Parliament Building
Big Ben
Connor insisted on bringing our dog, Nick, around London.You can't leave London without this classic shot!

Trafalgar Square

Connor hammed it up wherever we went. She must love London as much as her mama!

Buckingham Palace

By the end of this day we had worn Granger out - mission accomplished. I always forget how much walking is involved even with the London Tube. Granger was a sport helping me lug the stroller up and down the stairs in and out of the Tube. But I could sense he was ready to have some time to himself to take a break without the ever present chatter of a two year old. So we sent him off to dinner and a West End show - the musical Wicked. Day Two dawned bright and early and our first stop was Kensington Palace. Can't you remember all those flowers lining this gate when Princess Diana died?Instead of touring the palace we played all over Kensington Gardens and the Princess Diana Memorial Playground. We pretended we were Peter Pan on Captain's Hook ship...For lunch we headed to Camden Town and Camden Market. I have never been to this part of London but it was funky and different. Glad we didn't miss it. We came across a bizarre store with a robot interior. This guy with the blue and green hair thought Connor was cute and gave her a green glow-in-the dark light stick. While appreciative of the gesture, the guy's alternative appearance is what I will remember most.


We ate Asian food from one of the numerous street vendors and walked around the Camden locks. Connor tuckered right out...But we kept on kicking to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Unfortunately the rains came along too.We spied the Tate Modern and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre across the Millenium Bridge.I was shell-shocked by London churches. I remembered they charged entrance fees, unlike most cathedrals in Europe. But my word, the fees have skyrocketed since I entered years ago! Westminter Abbey costs 15 pounds and St. Paul's Cathedral (below) 12 pounds. That is around $20 per person per church - whoa! I understand the need to charge for church upkeep and restoration, but the steep prices unfortunately kept us out. Last London stop was Covent Garden to enjoy the free artists and get some last souvenirs. Betty made us shepherd's pie for dinner and we turned in since we had an early morning train to Paris the next day.I still love London!!!

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