Saturday, March 20, 2010

Connor Funnies

Being a parent keeps me in stitches - I can't even remember my life before Connor. She and her curious, creative mind are a constant source of entertainment. Here are some recent examples...

Connor adores stickers. I give her paper and suggest other appropriate spots to stick them. Yet her favorite place is her face. This was how we recently exited a public bus. Fellow passengers were amused.Kirk cared for Connor for the day. Together they built a tall block tower. Can't you sense her pride?! That is one tall skyscraper!They went to Subway for lunch and Connor made rings with the olives. We have also been celebrating birthdays. Siena recently turned 2 and they celebrated at the AWCB creche with Rani. Connor seems to struggle to figure out how to eat cupcakes these days. She hasn't quite mastered wrapping her mouth around the cake part.
And finally Spring has sprung in Belgium (at long last)! I took Connor outside bare-legged for the first time. She walked around and immediately started shouting at the top of her lungs, "The cold went away! The cold went away, Mommy! The cold went away!" It was spontaneous and hilarious. After this Belgian winter (the coldest one in 25 years) we all wanted to shout exactly that. Let's hope that cold stays away honey.

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