Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chantilly Lace and a Pretty Face

Yep, next up was Chantilly, France. The place of the lace song - with a pony tail, hangin' down!
After we dropped Granger at the Paris airport for his flight back to the USA we attempted a visit to the nearby Chantilly Horse Museum. All night long we heard winds whipping and rattling the windows. The weather reports showed 50-60 mile per hour gusts. Granger's flight was cancelled twice and we later learned this storm actually had a name and there were 55 associated deaths. Yikes.

As you can imagine this made our Chantilly horse visit challenging.The stables were immense and we had hopes to duck inside from the gale force winds to see the famous dancing horses. But as luck would have it, the stables were closed. Our plans were foiled. That was ok though since Mother Natue seemed to be literally pushing us back home.Here we are between the stables and the royal racetrack. I had Connor bundled and we clung to each other but the winds kept pushing us down and we had to hunker next to the building to crawl inch by inch back to the car.
Chantilly castle and stables does promise a full and fun destination under normal weather conditions. The horse shows are legendary and the castle literally took our breath away out in the middle of nowhere. I would recommend it - as long as a hurricane storm isn't blowing through like it was when we were there!

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