Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Brittany, France - Part 4, St. Malo and Emerald Coast

As a Junior in High School, 16 years old, I was given the gift of a lifetime...my very first trip to Europe. I was dedicated to my French studies and had the opportunity to live in France for several weeks with a family on an exchange program. The travel bug entered me and I was swept away by the world around me. I felt empowered practicing a foreign language and captivated by a culture that pushed my comfort zone. The trip was with our teacher, Monsieur Dubois, and 20 other classmates. I have vivid memories still of our side trips away from the "school" we attended - the coastal town of St. Malo was one of my favorites. We were there on Palm Sunday and walked the wall, waved palms, ate gummy candy, and basked in sunshine of this Breton beach resort. Ahh, those teenage days when boys, clothes, and school set the rhythm of life!I knew we needed to relive St. Malo as a family while in Brittany. So Sunday morning we basically had the island to ourselves. No Easter palms waving this time, but the sun was shining and we felt connected and happy together.
Walking the walls high above and around St. Malo provided a unique treat. Connor sang the entire way at the top of her lungs.Classic seaside views.
And a brisk bit of exercise around the medieval fortifications.

The bird friends were bold and brazen, letting me snap up close and personal.
Our family trio in St. Malo!The St. Malo rocky coast took on a classic Brittany stereotype. The entire setting fit together beautifully. If it had been warm enough I would have donned a bathing suit, skipped down to the beach, and romped in the water.
St. Malo is a tourist hot spot in the summer. We saw the ripples of the tourism with all the restaurants and cute colorful cafes.
Returning via an "Emerald Coast" detour there were some goosebump views.

Always heart-warming to see your husband and daughter walk arm and arm with this type of backdrop. Connor is shaping up into a promising little hiker!
We squinted across from the Emerald Coast sun and look what we spied! That's the Mont Saint Michel floating way out there!
Thank you Brittany. You completed our tour of the regions of France.

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