Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Life is funny with twists and turns and small world connections, ya know? Last December we received an email from one of Kirk's brother's friend's sisters. I know it takes a while to think about that. Annie seemed very nice via email and told us she would be shortly moving to Brussels. As a brand new college grad she landed a marketing job with the Department of Defense, pretty impressive! And she was moving to Brussels not knowing a soul. We knew we wanted to help in any and every way. It is an enormous challenge moving abroad alone so we offered her a place to stay while she found her footing.

What a remarkable and courageous young lady we met. Annie ended up staying with us for nearly six weeks, but since it was over the holidays it was not much trouble - we were rarely home at the same time. Annie worked hard, long days at her new job while apartment hunting in the evenings. This chick has guts and a phenomenal work ethic. I remain inspired by her poise and perseverance.Connor thought Annie was the cat's meow! When Annie moved away to her permanent place we knew we would miss her yet had a strange pride for the life she was building here.
Thankfully Annie has been kind enough to return to babysit in exchange for the time we housed her. It has been one of the greatest gifts. One night Kirk and I went to out for a movie and drinks. It was the first adult date night we had in over a year. I forgot the renewal and nourishment nights out alone can give a marriage. We are planning a few more before we leave to some restaurants we have been eying but never able to go to with Connor.

I cannot wait to track Annie's professional path as she makes her way here. She is going places! And I am thankful she is a new friend to our family.

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ftmagellan said...

Connor is as cute as Annie described. I do not know how her grandmother stays away and can only imagine how excitd she is to get her back on US soil. Your adventures will be a part of Connor though she will not remember the details. We travelled with ours at very young ages and I believe that is has informed their outlooks in many ways. Nothing like where all you have been however to remote places that they did not recall per se years later. Nonetheless I am sure that their wander lust comes from the early imprint of seeing things outside theri comfort zones.
Again I must thank you for allowing Anie to stay and stay and stay. We can never repay you for your genrousity. Annie loves being with yall and any chance that you have for her to sit for Connor, please call her! I am going to be a voyeur and read your wonderful posts and get a vicarious thrill from all your wonderful adventures.
All the best, Francie