Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Brittany, France - Part 3, Quimper and Dinan

Last stop for this day we drove out to the town of Quimper. One of our favorite Davidson basketball players is now on a professional team that plays here, so we had to check it out! By this time I formed an impression of Brittany of small and understated. That is before I made it to Quimper. It was a charming, bustling town brimming with ornate architecture and half-timbered lookers. People were coming and going with purpose and panache.The cathedral wasn't too shabby either. Funny thing though about this church - the altar and aisle aren't aligned straight. The church was formed around some existing buildings, hence the curvature. It looks like some time of optical illusion mind game.

Connor napped in the car so I got to step out solo in Quimper while Kirk stayed back. A magical destination to explore stroller-free.

Quimper shopping proved an effective lure. I picked up a few small Valentine's surprises for my loved ones and window shopped the day away. What a content, happy feeling in Quimper! I came across this toy store window with the bikers in the window and immediately thought of Connor's exclamations from the Tour de France of the "Men on Bikes! Men on Bikes!"
Quimper is supposedly famous for its pottery. I saw it everywhere. But it didn't really speak to me and tell me I needed to take any home.Quimper was a definite highlight. We returned to our hotel in Dinan and enjoyed sunset after a busy, Brittany day.
The next day was Valentine's! Indeed a "happy date"!
I love our Valentine's. Everyone had a card and small treats.
Connor's treats from her Dad...
Kirk's treats for me...
I found this Glittery Heart barrette in Quimper. It didn't stay in her hair very long, but looked good while it lasted.
We took a Valentine's breakfast walk around Dinan, picking up croissants at the boulangerie and enjoying the morning air.
Dinan is a picturesque little town. No one was out and about yet. Those French don't get going til later in the day. But our benefit to be able to wander the town ourselves.
This window dressing seemed especially festive and Valentine-y on this day.
It was a lovely morning to this love day!

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