Monday, March 1, 2010

Brittany, France - Part 2, Pont-Aven

My favorite part of Brittany was a spot we went on a whim. It sounded cool in our guidebook so we detoured to check it out. Paul Gauguin loved this village, with white houses along the gently flowing Aven River. In the late-19th century, many painters followed him here. The theories and techniques developed at the time have been known ever since as the School of Pont-Aven.We were drawn into this warm cafe for lunch. It was filled with character and a seaside motif. Brittany is known for crepes and cider. So we pulled up to a table next to a crackling fire and ordered exactly that.

Connor was particularly photogenic this meal in the sweater Aunt Howard knitted for her.

This photo is too funny. In France dogs are cherished and brought everywhere. Connor wasn't sure about this one (under the chair below).

After lunch we strolled through the tiny town. Gauguin reminders and the overall love of art rang throughout storefront windows!

It seems this is what Brittany is all about. Moving slowly, artistically, and thoughtfully.

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