Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow, Show and Joe!

Before Valentines weekend we had our own Brussels Blizzard. I had been planning a morning trip to the public indoor pool, but when I looked outside - surprise!
No swimming today! I wasn't about to leave the apartment in this!
I think our window snowflakes worked this year! We hear it is a rarity for Brussels to get snow.
We put our swimsuits away and snuggled in tight. Playing with toys, we were cozy warm. The snow was hard to ignore. We spent a lot of time with our noses pressed against the windowpanes gawking at the unexpected storm.

Connor has really started taking to her drawing easel. I love her focus! I am seeing more of it and longer lasting concentration these days. She is still our whirling dervish, but I feel the corner turning.

This particular afternoon Joe came over for a Thai takeout lunch while Connor napped. The snow slowed and the pad thai was yummy. Connor and I convinced Joe to join us for a puppet show at the Musee du Jouets (Joe was a good sport!). The show was all in French and Connor tuned in and out. I think she got more out of watching the other children in the audience laugh, clap, ooh, and aah. She was a good lil mimic!

After the show we ventured out to the museum to PLAY! I love the toy museum. Even adults become childlike when surrounded by toys.

Oh Joe!!! You are funny!

There are plenty of antique toys behind glass, but thankfully it is a hands on play place too!

Connor found her favorite baby and carried it all over the museum. She was an attentive and caring mother to her baby doll.

The best for Joe and me was seeing all our own favorites - from our kid days. Golden oldies, for sure. The Little People collection made us smile and laugh. I think between the two of us we had almost every one of these old toys.

The wooden double ramp is a fabulous marble a Plinko kind of way.

And of course we had to let Connor cook for us. Think she had enough kitchens!?!

Click here for full album photos of the Snow and the Toy Museum


Dallas said...

This post made me miss you guys. It's been a while, let me know if/when you're free in the next couple of weeks. Some of my upcoming trips have changed.

Shannon, Tony, Grayson & Max said...

wow - love the snow! And when I was little I had that exact Dr. kit. Brings back memories!