Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentine's Projects

This is why we must, must, must get out and about every single day - no matter the weather. If we stay in there is no telling what will happen! I was doing some computer work and turned around to see this...
Someone had fun with Mommy's Post Its! Ironically Connor seemed to have just as much fun picking up all the paper squares as she did spreading them throughout the apartment.
Also this day Connor created artwork. She shocked me by announcing she was going to draw circles and then doing precisely that!

My budding artist!

Thankfully sweet Karen planned a Valentines get together. We were grateful for the activity and the dear friendship of Karen and Brady.
We made Valentines cookies. Note in the photo above how possessive Connor is of Brady's Ernie and Grover dolls. She would not let them go. Brady was kind and generously shared them with her.
We made traditional sugar cookies with heart sprinkles but also tried out "painting" food coloring on the cookies. They turned out pretty well.

While the cookies baked the kiddos laughed and laughed til all our tummies were sore. They loved playing with balloons and popping them into the air!

We crafted heart wreaths and indulged in the cookies.
Karen made this super cool cookie with the middle cut out and filled with melted hard candy.
It was a fun Valentine-y afternoon with friends we love!

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