Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zurich, A Rich Town of Jewels and Lingerie

After our sticker shock in Geneva I felt prepared and price-tag-numb for our half day excursion to Zurich. On this trip I was okay in terms of the steep prices (we stuck to mostly free activities), but still in awe of the ritzy, glitzy atmosphere everywhere. I wonder what the Swiss think when they visit other major world cities and see the grime and poverty. Cause I didn't see any of that in Switzerland! I was mainly struck by how very many jewelry and high-end lingerie stores abound. Guess those Swiss snow bunnies wanna look good for their apres-skiing!

We decided to at least hob nob with the most well-to-do by peeking in the most gorgeous hotel in town - The Dolder Grand.
We parked, tried to coax Connor to put on her very best behavior, and pranced into the lobby. Oh goodness! We were first struck by all the sledders on the golf course across the street. FUN! And then the common spaces - the library, bar, and foyer lobby. I'm not sure I have ever seen a more elegant hotel. If I were rich and famous this is where I would stay in Zurich, no question.
After strutting our stuff upstairs Connor needed a potty break. Great. We rushed down the double grand staircase to the powder room.And thankfully we made it in the nick of time! That would have been a classy statement to have an accident on the library rugs. We walked into the bathroom and the aroma of fresh lilac flowers was intoxicating.Connor had me in stitches here. She looooved the Dolder Hotel! Just like in one of her favorite books where "Eloise just looooved The Plaza Hotel!"In addition to the fresh flowers I was particularly taken with the lighting fixtures throughout The Dolder Grand.Connor was fascinated with the lights too!We made it through the grand hotel with our very best manners, but on the way back to the parking lot Connor's playful side just had to burst out...While Kirk took care of Connor I window shopped...And drooled...And dreamed...The Dolder Grand was a grand deal. Total cost for us, 2 euros for parking. And we left feeling a little more high class. Smile.

We drove down the hill feeling uppity and into Zurich for lunch. We ate at a very traditional restaurant, Zeughauskeller. The place felt medieval with weapons on the walls. The couple at the table beside us ordered a sword wrapped in steak. You kind have to do a triple take when the waitress presented a steaming SWORD at the table next door.With bellies full we went on a walk about around Zurich. We noticed lots of fancy-dancy cars. The Carolina Blue Ferrari with the parking ticket made us chuckle.Zurich was a good mix of urban and quaint. Not sure you would need a lot of time here; it is a quickie but goodie.And instead of going to an art museum here we admired the art out in the public.This bedroom showroom was magnetic. Don't you just want to crawl into that ivory, silky bed with the soft, frilly chandelier? The Chagall stained glass windows at the Fraumunster church are not to be missed.

Zurich was rich in many ways. Glad we got to rub elbows there.
Here's one more glimpse of that Dolder Grand!

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