Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Few Hours in Geneva

We returned to Geneva from Chamonix via bus Sunday afternoon and stayed the night near the airport in preparation for an early Monday morning flight. We used the free afternoon to take the train into Geneva to see the Swiss sights. Geneva is on Lake Geneva - a beautiful green lake. The Alps encircle the city center. It is beautiful. Connor thought the birds were amusing. Although she was a bit wary at first of the flapping friends.
Geneva has all the classic Swiss icons...
Rolex watches and Mont Blanc pens (ha, now I get it! Mont Blanc, like the mountain!) Unfortunately the main attraction in Geneva, the Jet de L'Eau was turned off. It is this enormous spray from the lake. When we didn't see it from afar we went out on the strait to see if up close we could see more. That is when we realized it was shut off due to wind. Too bad.
But you know us. We found the "horse-asel" in Geneva. Because what would a new European city be without a whirl on the merry go round?!?
And that was about all there was to do in Geneva. I have to admit, I thought it was a big letdown. Geneva was the most expensive place I have been yet. We didn't really even buy anything. But the $45 pick up pizza dinner at the train station was enough to do me in. I am glad we only spent a couple hours in Geneva. I found it very missable.Connor was pretty hysterical in the hotel shower that night!All in all, Chamonix - two thumbs up. Geneva, pretty scenery - but mucho expensive to the point of distracting from all the natural beauty.
Click here for full album photos of Chamonix and Geneva

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