Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chamonix, France

This particular weekend we tried out a new budget airline - EasyJet. With rock-bottom prices to Geneva, Switzerland, we climbed aboard to fly the friendly skies. From the Geneva airport we were met by bus to take us 45 minutes down the road to
Chamonix, France.

I learned about Chamonix in high school French class when Monsieur Dubois taught us about Mont Blanc and its picturesque setting. I remember daydreaming then that maybe one day I would see it. So this trip really was a dream come true! Chamonix is an ideal alpine village famous for skiing and the glaciers that surround it. Here are a few of the shots from the bus as we approached Chamonix. We couldn't believe it.
Hello Swiss and French Alps! The resort town of Chamonix was tres peaceful. Our visit corresponded with its low season which was perfect for us. All of the hoteliers were willing to make a deal and we didn't have to share the town. We stayed at Hotel les Cretes Blanches which had a small balcony with views of Mont Blanc. This was what we saw from our room. Doesn't it make you catch your breath? We decked out in our ski clothes and went to discover Chamonix. Connor loved her hot pink ski bibs. She was ready to hit the slopes. Ski season doesn't start though until late December.
Chamonix is a classic ski town. Quaint, expensive, and tucked away in a cozy valley.
We had to laugh when we saw this sign. It is baffling how Europeans eat ice cream no matter the weather. Doesn't snowy Chamonix beckon a 10 scoop ice cream cone?!?!
Saturday was market day. I adored how the market was full of autumn earthiness. Pumpkins, squash, potatoes, and onions. The open air markets always bring out the best in seasonal taste and color.
We rode the cog railway to the Mer de Glace (aka Montenvers). Here we are waiting at the train station with a model of the train behind us.Overlooking Chamonix. The French Alps were a special treat.
To the Mer de Glace - France's largest glacier, at eight miles long.
It felt Heavenly way up, up, up in the clouds. The splintered, snowy mountaintops showcased the beauty of our Earth.Connor thought the "blue snow" was mighty snazzy.
That evening we window shopped around and had a traditional alpine dinner of fondue. It was Kirk's first fondue ever. Made for a fun, cheesy meal!

The next morning we awoke and the town of Chamonix had its very first snowfall of the season overnight. Made the visibility above near impossible, but the trees were spectacular in their new outfits of white powder.
We decided laze around in the morning and enjoy being tucked in to bed. Connor was in a snugly mood so we loved on her and watched home movies on the laptop.We finally got up and dressed. Connor was proud of her tights with the animals on them and also her lime green boots! Chamonix was charming. This mini break definitely satisfied my itch for ski and snow. Actual European skiing seems an impossible travel hurdle with Connor and also the sky high prices to make it happen. I am delighted we still got to experience the best part of this classic ski village. Monsieur Dubois is smiling somewhere that I actually made it to Chamonix, propelled from his French lesson!

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