Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nancy and Liechtenstein

We recently made a marathon weekend road trip through 6 countries:
France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg.

Our primary destinations were Liechtenstein and Zurich but we touched the other 4 for sure. We drove to Colmar, France where we stayed both nights and then looped through Switzerland on Saturday.

We drove into the French town of Nancy. Renowned for a beautiful town square, we made a quick tour in the cold weather.
There was a lot of Friday night traffic, but we did eventually make it to Place Stanislas in Nancy, described in our guide book as a flawlessly proportioned city center and the world's most beautiful urban monument.
The town square was indeed very pretty - but I gotta say in the below freezing temperatures and with the setting sun it was hard to linger very long.
Connor danced around and around the lampposts. I thought for sure she was going to slip on the leftover snow sludge with all the hopping about, but she stayed balanced and upright shrieking with belly laughter. Who knows what she found so funny, but it made us laugh right along with her.
Saturday we drove out to the tiny country of Liechtenstein. I guess Liechtenstein is technically classified as a "principality" but we were all about checking it off our list. Liechtenstein is only 61 square miles, so blink and you will miss it!

There really wasn't too much for us to DO in Liechtenstein, but there was a lot to SEE. We went to the capital city of Vaduz and took in the fortress and castle up on the hill and the mighty alpine mountains encircling the tiny principality.It was a town full of art.
The random doorway in the street was fun and when peeking through the view was stunning!
I am not sure how Connor stayed so happy in the cold. My fingertips were numb. Maybe the toddler energy and running around made it more endurable. But Connor was happy.
The main tourist trap we fell into was getting our passports stamped at the Post Office.
Connor and Kirk were very proud of their new passport additions.
The drive back into Switzerland from Liechtenstein was not to be missed. I look at these photos now and still cannot believe it was for real.


Kirk, Reid and Connor said...

I don't think anyone has ever called the back of my head "stunning." Reid is so sweet.

Jenna said...

Oh Reid. We so badly want to go to Liechtenstein too, just to "check it off"! We are planning a trip to Germany in April and hope to "stop by" while we are there! The views look amazing!

Dallas said...

I didn't know you could get your passport stamped at the post office. Can you do that anywhere? Have you been asking for stamps in all the places you go?

Stacie B said...

The photo of connor on the bench is precious!