Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Two Elmos in our House

We are huge Sesame Street fans in our house. HUGE! I think I may have watched the program til I was 10 and I gotta say even now seeing it at 31, it still draws me in. Elmo is Connor's favorite. She speaks about herself in the third person just because of Elmo's influence. We need to teach her about that 'I' pronoun. Elmo even outshadows Oscar and Big Bird these days with his regular segment on the show, "Elmo's World"Connor's beloved Elmo doll was getting pretty ratty. His eyes were wearing off and he was becoming our Velveteen Rabbit. Luckily Santa brought another Elmo into the fold this year. I think he must have been thinking it would be nice to have two Elmos so there is always one handy and we wouldn't have to tear the house apart looking for the one. Umm. Wrong. Now Connor insists on holding both the 'Big Elmo' and 'Baby Elmo' at the same time.
Santa, let's just say the planned backfired. Now we are searching out TWO Elmos instead of just the one.
And that's the word on the street!

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