Wednesday, January 20, 2010

House Demolition

The art of gingerbread house making continues to haunt me after my recent construction failures! My friends Sylvia and Lisa - both Moms from my BCT playgroup - showed off their gingerbread skills, constructing the most beautiful candy house I have seen. I am simply amazed with their creativity.They were clever in every way, especially with foreign candy brands and types to deal with. They spent some serious time planning and executing their house.I am convinced the secret to their success has to do with their house being 4 pieces instead of the 6 pieces in the boxed sets I tried. They even made their own gingerbread from scratch! What patience and dedication.Determined to ensure their house went out in style Lisa invited several families over for a grand "house demolition." The kids had no clue what we were about to do. But they were mighty cute snuggling and playing with each other. Connor and Aili are dear friends. Apologies for Connor's long underwear look. It was snowing so the outfit originally included hot pink snow bibs. Connor immediately stripped down inside. Oops.
Alice was a perfect hostess sharing her toys with everyone.
Christopher and Catherine joined in the fun too!
After some wine and smalltalk we got down to the business at hand. At first the kids just looked at the gingerbread mansion, delicately admiring it.
Glad their first instincts weren't destruction.
BUT when we showed them how to pick off and taste the sweet treats....
That was when demolition began. Bit by bit and bite by bite. Ty Pennington at Extreme Home Makeover has nothing on us!
Aili got the chimney and Connor loved the green trees with red licorice.
As the walls came tumbling down it was like a big edible pinata.
A fun, fun Sunday afternoon indeed. I wonder how many gingerbread destruction parties there are - probably not many. My stomach still aches from the laughter - and the sweets!

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julie said...

Looks fun but how do you get all those pictures to come up in one post? I need a blog lesson!