Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We have had an unusual amount of snow in Belgium. It has made for a white and fun winter wonderland. But also a cold one that means lots of time indoors. To beat our cabin fever we joined Karen and Brady at Technopolis in Mechelen.
Technopolis was uber cool and just what we needed to get active despite the flurries! It is a hands-on science museum. Connor was a little young for some of the experiments they had, but I was actually surprised at how much she did catch on to.

The big bonus was that we went the day public schools started back after Christmas break. Meaning no field trip school groups - because what teacher plans an outing the first day back? We had the place to ourselves. Which was a true gift because it would have been a much more difficult experience if we were waiting in line to discover! As proof check out the photo of Connor and Brady playing chase in the lobby! They are lucky to have the run of the place, literally.
Oh the grocery store! It was fully stocked with carts, cash registers and prices that really totaled up. It was a toddler heaven!Brush up Connor!
There was so much to discover. I felt like I could honestly see into Connor's brain watching her learn new things. What a super snowy day spot!

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Dallas said...

With all the blog posts I've seen on that place, I really want to go sometime...even if it's without a kid. :)