Friday, December 11, 2009

The Spanish Bull by the Roadside

Leaving Salamanca we came across one of the famous black bull billboards scattered about Spain. The black bull silhouette has become the unofficial national symbol of Spain. But do you know the bull is really an advertisement for Osborne sherry and spirit producers? In the 1990s Spain voted a law that required the removal of all billboards on their roads and the bulls were to be taken down. The Spaniards protested and the final resolution was that the black bulls could remain but with no words on them.
At first we could only figure out how to get 'far away close' - then we found the farm road leading right up to the bull...
Connor LOVED the big bull. She just went to pieces over it. It was as windy and cold as could be in the middle of nowhere. But the bull was perhaps the biggest hit of the trip with our two year old.

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