Friday, December 11, 2009

Salamanca, Spain

We arrived in Salamanca with Kirk's youngest brother, Davis, foremost in our mind. Davis studied Spanish for a summer in Salamanca several years ago. I remember then loving the sound of the city Sa-la-man-ca. Doesn't it just roll off your tongue with flair and exotic romance? As we toured the city I found myself wondering more about Davis' experience. Where did he live? Which were his favorite restaurants? I kept picturing Davis scooting around Salamanca with growing confidence in his Spanish skills and his teenage independence.
Rick describes Salamanca, "This sunny sandstone city boasts Spain's grandest plaza, its oldest university, and a fascinating history, all swaddled in a strolling, college-town ambiance."
We found that grand square of the Plaza Mayor and even though we were prepared for it to be great, we all gasped a little when it was fully revealed...
I wish I understood more of the history of Spain's Plaza Mayors; we found them in nearly every town - all breathtaking. I suppose it is the equivalent to Belgium's Grote Market squares.
The stunning sandstone was a lovely theme throughout Salamanca. We didn't take the time to go in every church and building - mainly because the siesta was in full swing while we were there and most everything closed.
These lovebirds (ok, really pigeons) were pretty cute.
Kirk and Connor took it all in.
So long Salamanca!

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