Saturday, December 12, 2009

Avila and Segovia

We drove through Avila, Spain - a town famous for its perfectly preserved medieval walls and as the birthplace of St. Theresa. For years Avila was on the battlefront between the Muslims and Christians, changing hands several times. This religious power struggle in Spanish history is fascinating.
Avila was a good quick stop. We paid respects to St. Teresa (different from Mother Theresa), took in the famous cathedral and hopped around the walled town.
We topped our whirlwind day through Northern Spain with an overnight in Segovia. We dined at Meson de Candido to taste roast suckling pig - the place to have this local specialty. A seated dinner out is a rare treat for us these days. The famous restaurant was right next to Segovia's Roman aqueduct.
Kirk tried the roast suckling pig while Connor showed off her maturing palette by eating Serrano ham and melon (she liked it!).
The cool night proved a formidable one for us to wander the streets of Segovia. The Roman aqueduct was incredible. Very well preserved and a stunning statement in town.
This pieta of Mary and a crucified Jesus in the niche was a beautiful little detail in the aqueduct.
The cathedral in the Plaza Mayor glowed with a friendly warmth. While kids played soccer in the square.
The next morning it poured rain with gusts of cold wind. We were glad we took the time to take in the sights the night before because it was no day for touring. So our time in Segovia was shorter than we had hoped. But delicious and beautiful nonetheless.

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