Thursday, December 17, 2009

So Happy Together - Playing in Madrid

We spent an entire week in Madrid while Kirk worked. Nothing like tagging along on a work trip. Our hotel was next door to the Prado and Retiro Park.
Kirk worked very hard.
We played very hard!
Here are some of our best mother-daughter moments. Connor is a wonderful travel buddy... She found her stickers. I really am amused by her fascination with sticking them all over her face as opposed to on paper or in a book. It must feel awfully strange. But hey, it kept her content and occupied - even if we did get some rather odd looks from the Spaniards.
We must have romped on every single playground in the city of Madrid. And there are a lot of them, trust me I now know. This one at Retiro Park was my favorite. We were the only ones there and the equipment was perfect for Connor. She played for an hour shrieking and slip sliding away.
"Kitty" (I know real creative name, huh?) was a constant companion with us in Madrid. Connor showed her caring instincts and kept her strapped in tight!
Every morning our Madrid days started the same way. We went to VIPS for breakfast. I was on a protein kick so craved eggs. The waiters there got accustomed to us, spoke some English, and were charmed by Connor. It was fun to sit across from her in a booth every morning to discuss the days plans! She is such a little lady (even if she is standing in the seat in this shot).
We made daily trips to Madrid's magnificent rosy Plaza Mayor. There was a little Christmas market set up and many Santas and Mickeys (costumed performers seeking some change). There also was a carousel - which was closed the first time we arrived (see above). Much to Connor's dismay. The jingle bell souvenir (below) made up for the closed merry go round.
I have never seen so many creche nativities in one place. The shop windows and stalls were crammed with as many Marys, Josephs, and wisemen as you can imagine. What a sight!
Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus were even in our hotel lobby. Connor would run to them every time and point out that indeed "Baby Jesus has on big girl pants!!!" Um. OK. Whatever you say.
Thankfully the carousel was open when we returned. Phew.
We tried out a new hairstyle at Retiro Park. This day it rained so we spent the entire morning playing at El Corte Ingles, the biggest department store you can imagine. We got these nifty new pink bows.

We took bread to feed the birdies and ducks at Retiro Park. They were very assertive once they realized we had food. Connor thought they were hilarious, but I was a little wary and had to shoo, shoo, shoo them away so we could take a breather from their feeding frenzy. Onlookers thought we were pretty funny - we were the subject of many of their photos and chuckles.
We even had fun jumping in mud puddles!
I don't just love my daughter. I like her. I like being around her infectious happiness and everpresent laugh. What a treat to have a week all to ourselves without any obligations in Spain's capital city. We definitely tied Madrid up with a bow!

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Love the new 'do! The half ponytail is adorable.