Thursday, December 17, 2009

Madrid's High Fashion

I did not realize what a fashion hot spot Madrid was. Art was everywhere, especially in the architecture and fashion design.
Even the train station was a showpiece. We just went to play there - we didn't even have a trip. To find windows like this...
Buildings like this....
And cityscapes like this.... Whoa. Connor was entranced with this "green wall" - and I was too!
Madrid seems well planned and well ornamented. Every building was unique, but certainly a part of the broader architectural masterpiece.
And certainly with a traditional Spanish flair!
For some reason before our trips there I had a stereotype of Madrid being seedy and a little rough. But I found her sexy and serene. The people friendly and everything haute couture.
Any place where jewelry store translates into "JOYeria" has to be a spectacular place.
The last day we stumbled upon the Pronovias store. My wedding dress was a Pronovias gown. Marked way down because it was the store's sample. I knew it was a Spanish designer, but was still giggly and giddy to find the showroom.
I tried to explain to Connor that this store made Mommy's wedding dress when she was a bride and married Daddy. Not sure she got it totally, but she definitely parroted the story with interest.
Everywhere we looked the clothes were delicious.
Madrid was magical. And a design highlight - both in architecture and in clothing.

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