Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Day at Disney Continues

The girls spied the Dumbo ride and everything else in the world fell away! Connor started singing the songs from Dumbo - especially the "Casey Jr's Comin Down the Track!" tune. We hopped right in line - it didn't look too bad......but 60 minutes later we were almost there! Dumbo was a popular ride. And Disney has a way of hiding all the twists and turns in the queue. The anticipation of it all only escalated the girls' excitement!We rode the GREEN elephant, to Connor's delight! Connor loved Dumbo - even the parts that fly high (higher than Mom would have liked!) You control the up and down with a lever inside the elephant.After lunch our two little princesses posed for a photo!We timed it just right to jump into the tent for Pooh's Christmas show. At first Connor was skeptical about leaving all the rides to sit on bleachers.But when the show started it was all over. She and Aili called out "Pooh! Pooh! Piglet!" I have no idea how Connor even knows who Pooh is! We don't have any books or movies about Pooh. Yet you would think Pooh was her best friend when he started singing and dancing.Mesmorized...Here is my strange observation of Pooh's show. It was put on just like a musical play, but all of the characters spoke French except Pooh and Baby Roo...they spoke English. It was odd because they just would ask a question in French and reply in English. I guess this is how the French children learn English!?!Mai and Aili were very cute. Mai is expecting her second, a boy!!!, in January. Aili will be a terrific big sister. The teacups were our next ride! Because you can't go to Disney without riding the Mad Hatter's Teacups!!!We topped off the rides with lollipops. What is Disney without some sugar?!? I felt our dentist cringing.We even saw Belle and the Beast. It was a busy, full day of rides, food, and lines. Next we were off to see the parades...

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