Monday, November 30, 2009

The Magic of Disney

With the months abroad ticking away and our weekend adventures fast and furious, we wanted to be sure we set aside time to try out EuroDisney in Paris. It seemed only fair to indulge Connor. She has been so patient and flexible with our more adult travels.

We woke up well before dawn to travel the 3 hours from Brussels to the park to get there as it opened. It was supposed to be a miserable weather day and we drove through gales of wind and pounding rain, doubting we would last even a moment at the park. But wouldn't you know we arrived and the pixie dust must have taken hold because the clouds parted and blue sky peeped through.This Disney park is practically identical to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. Right down to the traffic jam to enter the parking lot! Main Street is the same and the "Lands" are the same. Even the rides are matching. The only difference I saw was that the "Cast Members" did not have the same level of polish and pizzazz as in the USA and the fellow French folks did not seem as full of the Disney spirit. A little pushier and ruder and most were smoking. Isn't that a Mickey No-No?!?Those hiccups aside we were still greeted with a big Disney "Welcome/Bienvenue!" and we were all brimming with excitement to discover EuroDisney.Especially Connor! I thought she was going to pop out of her carseat she was so happy!Our friends Mai and Jan met us at Disney with their daughter, Aili. Aili is exactly Connor's age and the two girls were precious together. A playmate to shriek, laugh and gasp with. The joy was exponentially elevated.Cinderella's Parisian Castle is PINK!And I don't know who these weathermen think they are over here, but they were W-R-O-N-G about this day! It couldn't have been a prettier, blue sky day. We were lucky!!!First up Jan and Kirk took Aili and Connor on the "horse-asel." After riding every carousel all over Europe it seemed a fitting start.Next Connor eyeballed an old favorite...But before I go further just indulge me separating the Disney posts. It was only one day, but I still want to savor the 'specialness' by detailing it out. I am convinced that this age is one of the best for Disney. The magic is real and lives through a two year old in a way that is pure and wonderful. And contagious!

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