Monday, November 30, 2009

Neuhaus Chocolate Factory

My New Year's diet has to start a month early after this the Neuhaus Chocolate factory.Oh my. Dallas, Connor and I traveled down the road to the Neuhaus Chocolate Outlet right before Dallas left for a home visit. She wisely stocked up on candy in bulk to bestow to all friends and family awaiting true Belgian chocolate.
We were just there to tag along. And to of course taste the scrumptious samples they had out EVERYWHERE! My belly ached and I was parched with thirst after all the tastings. But you know we just had to help Dallas pick out the perfect morsels for her chocolate gifts.
This place is only one room, but it is so so dangerous.
Connor found a pure white chocolate Saint Nicholas since she couldn't readily indulge in the varied tastings - you know that nut allergy creeps up in so many places.Over in the "Lucky Corner" we found the goods we were looking for. Three of these enormous boxes for 25 euros (I think each box had 2 lbs in it - that is some serious chocolate!). They aren't in the elaborate packaging and each box contains only one kind so it is up to you to decorate, repackage and mix and match. Dallas was up to the task.Each box type has a sampling tray in front of its corresponding stack. It is a LUCKY corner for sure!It all made for one tasty outing!We left happy albeit on sugar highs and with sore bellies!Yep, the diet starts today. No more chocolates for me!

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Ali Meyer said...

I love that place and will be making a trip there before heading back to the States...glad you enjoyed yourselves!