Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Disney Lights and Parades

Who doesn't love a parade?!? There is nothing quite like'em. Send in the clowns, I say! The lights, costumes, music and characters. We crowded on Main Street amidst the mobs and set up to see Disney's "Once Upon a Dream" afternoon parade. Every last millimeter of space was taken with people poised for a show.Guess who kicked off the parade?!? You guessed it. By this time poor Aili was sound asleep in her stroller but Connor was still bouncing around on her sugar high from the lollipops (yes, plural).Goofy and Mary Poppins waved directly at us! We are sure of it!
I thought this Alice in Wonderland was a little creepy, but creative I guess.And lo and behold it was The Jungle Book (Connor's all time favorite!) She squealed out all the character names as fast as she could as they floated by and sang out "Bare Necessities."
The Little Mermaid with her RED hair!
And the Christmas finale!
With the Jolly Old Man himself! Ho, Ho, Ho!
The parade ended and we beelined it to make it to our reservation at the Pirates of the Carribean restaurant. Boy did it feel good to sit down and give our muscles a breather. I don't know how Mai endured the day with that Baby Boy in utero.
It was a great dinner. Connor finally slept and it almost felt adult - even at Disney.
The girls were awake and calling for more though before dessert arrived. We packed them back up and out we went to catch the nighttime Fantillusion parade. I was in utter disbelief at Connor's boundless energy and stamina.
Connor was absolutely taken with Disney. Cara, she definitely got your Mickey genes!!!Never fear, the Disney Princesses made it to this parade too...We rode a few more rides and honestly we closed the park down at 10 PM. Where had the day disappeared to? Our rock star daughters lasted the ENTIRE day and night at Disney. We definitely got our money's worth.
"Goodnight Mickey!" says a very tired but still running on adrenaline Connor. Hope to see you again soon!

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