Tuesday, November 10, 2009

You Gotta Have Visiting Friends!

We have been extra blessed this season to welcome dear friends to our home. In September Edythe and her daughter, Florence, came and treated me to dinner. Edythe is a longtime friend of my mom's and Florence is currently studying abroad in Brussels. They were cute as can be - mother/daughter relationships are so wonderful. Made me remember when my mom came to London while I was studying abroad. I was proud to show her my international life, to show her off to my friends and so comforted by her familiar feel.Connor thought Edythe and Florence were terrific! She was only sad when we left her behind and went out to dinner. We went around the block to the restaurant, Como Como. I have always passed this place and wondered if it was good. Edythe and Florence were willing to risk it and try it out with me. At Como Como all of the tapas dishes are sent out via conveyor and you just pick what you want as it passes by and eat with your fingers. At the end of the night they count the number of dishes to calculate your bill.
Como Como was a success! Tapas meals are a gamble, but it was a fun and funky environment to be out with girls and the food was a hit too. Edythe and I traveled together to Bruges the next day while Florence went to school. She was loads of fun and I am glad they made the connection via my mom so many miles away.In October my high school friend, Mary Thom, came with her friend Rachel as a leg of their Grand Tour of Europe. Both of these lovely ladies are Nurse Anesthetists in Pittsburgh. Mary Thom and I were cheerleaders in high school together. I hadn't spent quality time with Mary Thom since and it was a wonderful gift to renew our friendship. We went to Antwerp on the train.
The four of us toured Antwerp, indulging in all the great shopping and topping off the visit at the ModeMuseum in Antwerp. They were featuring a Delvaux exhibit of the chic purses crafted by this family operation.
Connor LOVED the tennis ball purses.
And this enormous blue purse just made me laugh! I will never own a purse 1/10 as expensive as these are, but it was fascinating to see how they are made and how fashion can be so defined by a handbag.
Mary Thom, come back and visit us again soon!!!
Probably the most unexpected and rewarding part of living abroad is the chance to reconnect with friends traveling overseas. I am not sure Edythe and Mary Thom would have made it to Decatur, Georgia - but Brussels brings a certain glamor and attraction. For this I am thankful!

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