Monday, November 9, 2009

20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Today is a big day in Berlin, Germany - and really all over the world. The official anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Twenty years. I vaguely remember it. And it certainly didn't make sense to me then. But now that we live in Europe all the Communism, Cold War, Velvet Revolution stuff is alive and real. Or I should say the history and memory of it is. Maybe that is why today seems special. In Berlin they created 1000 eight foot Styrofoam dominoes along the path of the Berlin Wall. Tonight they pushed them over. How symbolic...indeed the dominoes did fall then, just as they did tonight.
November, 1989. Now a part of grade school textbooks. But oh how real and powerful. East Berlin. West Berlin. Unification. Do you remember?
Today is a special day. A historic day. And what an awesome way to commemorate and celebrate.

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Sues said...

I so wish I could have been back in Germany this week, just to *be* there...