Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Merci Pompiers!

You know when you are in a house fire - even one that is safely contained - you find yourself asking "What if?" What if someone hadn't smelled the smoke? What if there were no firemen to respond? And you are extremely grateful that there are and they did. I know I am. With this gratitude in our hearts we baked cookies for the Brussels firemen and delivered them to the fire station.
Connor created a special message of thanks. My mom was so great at instilling in me a sense of formal thanks for gifts and deeds. I want Connor to also know this polite, kind gesture and to do it regularly. The world is a better place when we acknowledge and thank others.
We bundled up and found the fire station. And tried to translate out who we were and why we were there. The fireman looked a little perplexed at our efforts - central Brussels is obviously worlds away from the Southern gentility of Georgia! But he took the treats and I was again awash with appreciation for the job these men do to keep us safe.

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Jenna said...

That is so nice of you Reid! What a great example for Connor! :D I like the picture of the firefighter bent down talking to Connor, his arms full of treats and giving you a thumbs up!