Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Potty Time - Take Two

You know that song in the play "My Fair Lady" where the professors start chanting "The Rain in Spain falls Mainly in the Plane...I think she's got it! By george she's got it!" Well that is the chant we are doing in our house these days. By george she's got it! Connor is potty trained...day, nap and nighttime too!!! We went 'cold turkey' without diapers around three weeks ago. Big girl pants rule the show now.I had attempted this approach back in June and it was honestly the most miserable experience for BOTH of us. After 4 days inside with minimal success and a whole summer of travel barreling down at us, we waved the white flag of defeat. For the time being. We returned to the training several weeks ago with new energy and enthusiasm and a few more months of age under Connor's belt. Again we "threw away our diapers" and hulled up inside for nearly a week. This time the light bulb went off in Connor's head as it was pretty immediate.
Thankfully Halloween and goodies packages from the grandparents helped occupy the endless wait in between potty attempts.
And there were Sesame Street videos that were a godsend. We watched them together. I forgot how entertaining Sesame Street can be. Although it has become much more urban (they rap the intro music now) and new characters abound.
Connor had me rolling with laughter when she got her Elmo and started speaking to him and the one on the video saying "That's You! That's You!" and "Two Elmos!!!"
She wanted to be sure they saw each other. Aren't children's imaginations the best?!?!
We own two little plastic pink potties. They are the preferred place for pottying. But one day during our training Connor wanted to try the big potty.
She thought this was the silliest game to fall in. Don't worry though, she didn't touch the water or the sides of the toilet.

Goodbye diapers.
These days (as seen below) are long gone now. And we are celebrating - by george she's got it!

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Jenna said...

YEAH! for Connor and YEAH! for Mommy! :D Congratulations! I obviously don't know about this, but I am sure this is a huge relief and triumph!